Sunday, October 31, 2010

Doughnut Plant

 379 Grand St
New York, NY 10002

Yum!! Doughnut Plant (along with Mister Donut in Asia) are now listed as my favorite doughnut stores. This place is incredible, where else can you get a doughnut that is 2X the size of a regular doughnut? It's too bad that the place is a grab-and-go kind of deal, otherwise I'd sit there and munch on the sweets all day!

Although serving doughnuts all day can be a pretty rough job, the person who works at Doughnut Plant is very cheerful and friendly! While the name says Doughnut "Plant", it really isn't a plant at all..more like a Doughnut Hole...with limited space and wiggle room. There's not a whole lot of selections when it comes to the number of doughnut flavors available, but the ones they make are certainly unique and must I add, delicious! We ended up taking out a whole box home:

Creme Brulee doughnut: Smaller than your regular donut, but not disappointing in taste. The filling inside is not too sweet, and very satisfying!

Coconut Cream: Simply fantastic - with light coconut cream on the inside and coconut shavings glazed on top. Oh, the indulgence!

Blackout: Chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate filling inside. Pretty standard. Nothing much to rave about this one!

Jelly Doughnut: Square doughnut with a jelly center - the raspberry jelly is great. The jelly is sweet and tangy all at the same time. Yum!

Fresh Blueberry: No blueberry fillings on the inside; just on the top! A regular sized/shaped doughnut :D

White Peach Doughnut: My very first *peach* squared doughnut. Similar to the fresh blueberry, but a little bit sweeter in taste. Not bad!
Overall, I would say that the coconut cream doughnut is by far the best doughnut flavor out of all the flavors I tried (so far). We also ordered a small cup of coffee and chai tea. Both were "bleh". I wouldn't recommend the hot chai tea - it was way too sweet. The sweetness did not pair well with the donuts...sweet + sweet = headache!!

Overall: 4.5/5
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