Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Robert Restaurant

2 Columbus Cir
Manhattan, NY 10019
(212) 299-7730

Robert Restaurant is hidden all the way up on the 9th floor of Museum of Design and Art. The modern and futuristic interior design sets this place apart from other restaurants. The view is spectacular as you can get a very clear and whole picture of Columbus Circle. It was my first time here and we ordered the lunch prix fixe for $29, this was quite a bargain considering the location of the restaurant and everything else that came with it (appetizer, entree, and dessert).

My appetizer was the soup of the day: Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon and it was really good! The other option was salad, but the weather felt too cold for it. The dash of cinnamon gave the soup an extra flavor and opened up my appetite. For my entree, I ordered the Potato Gnocchi with assorted vegetables and grated cheese. The dish was too oily in my opinion and kind of bland. I wouldn't order it again.

My foodie partner ordered something much more delicious (in my opinion): Strip Steak with string beans and tater tots on the side. The meat was tender and sliced with the perfect thickness. The portions aren't huge, but big enough to satisfy your cravings. As for dessert, we had the choice of cake or ice-cream, in which we chose two scoops of ice-cream: Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Bean. The service was accomodating and attentive - we didn't have to wait long for the food and our water was always filled. On a side note - make reservations if you want to sit by the windows / see the spectacular view : )

Overall: 3/5

Monday, December 20, 2010


229 E 9th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 533-6966

Came here originally for Soba-ya's handmade soba noodles, but ended up falling in love with their tuna tartar and mountain yam (with uni, wasabi, and shredded nori). Since it was a cold night, we decided to go for the Kamo Namban Soba: a hot dish that is topped with sautéed duck & green onion. The soba was only ok; and the duck meat was rather difficult to chew. I wasn't too impressed. I think the hot soup made the noodles softer, and I'd much prefer to have my soba al dente. I'd recommend ordering from the cold menu next time as that is what they are known for.
Our Tuna Tartar on the other hand, was great as it had two of my favorite ingredients sandwiched in between the fresh tuna: mountain yam and avocado! Not everyone enjoyed the pairing of the tuna tartar, but I personally liked how the three ingredients mushed together. It was flavorful, but not overpowering. Our other appetizer, Uni Tororo Sea Urchin & grated Mountain Yam was another light and flavorful dish. In Japanese cuisine, mountain yam is usually eaten raw and grated - the texture is sticky and slimy. Mountain yam is also considered to be one of the most important and commonly used Chinese herb and medicine repertoire. Although I am personally not a big fan of uni, I loved the taste of uni and mountain yam together. The strong taste of the uni was balanced by the lightness of the mountain yam - a perfect combo!
Since we had grabbed street food earlier, we didn't have enough stomach room for dessert. I completely regret this as I heard they had some pretty unique desserts available (including homemade ice-cream).

Overall: 3.5/5

Friday, December 17, 2010

Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen
366 W 52nd St
New York, NY 10019

My absolute favorite ramen eatery thus far! This place is well worth the long wait (yes, even in the frigid cold). I've been here three times already and I just wish I lived right next to Totto Ramen. If you're wondering, this place is owned by the same people at Yakitori Totto on Broadway and 55th. My cousin found this hidden eatery and I've been raving and telling everyone about it ever since. For one thing, their soup base is one of the best I've ever tasted and it's made with the perfect balance of saltiness and creaminess. The service here is also very quick and the staff are friendly and helpful. I love this place!

I would suggest anyone who hasn't been to Totto to order their Totto Chicken Paitan Ramen - the chicken based broth is delicious and flavorful. Their straight homemade noodles are cooked al dente style and topped with scallion, onion, char siu pork, and a nori (dried seaweed). I would encourage those who don't have a cholesterol problem to order an extra seasoned hardboiled egg to go with their bowl of ramen. Their Totto Spicy Ramen is also very good and not at all as spicy as it looks to be. If you are daring enough, you can try the Totto Extreme Spicy Ramen which is 4X spicier. I personally haven't had the guts to try it yet, but mainly because I don't want the spice to overpower the amazing broth! The Totto Miso Ramen is made with Koji Miso and ground pork. The noodles are not straight, but wavy and topped with a seasoned hardboiled egg, scallion, onion, bean sprouts, and their famous char siu pork.

On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian or on a light diet this may just be the perfect spot for you, too. Totto serves two vegetarian ramen (one spicy and non-spicy): with mushroom, avocado, and seasonal vegetables. I've never tried them, but I've heard great reviews!

For the sides, I would highly recommend their Broiled Char Siu Pork - their char siu pork are to die for and seriously melts in your mouth like warm chocolate candy. If you sit on the stools/bar table area, you'll see that the cook uses a mini blow torch on each pork belly before serving. The pork is served with the right amount of residual fat, with juices dripping out from the sides..delicious! I wasn't a huge fan of their Shinachiku Mayo (bamboo shoots and yuzu citrus mayo) - too plain and nothing out of the ordinary. Considering that they charge $4 for the dish, I wouldn't recommend it.

The prices here are reasonable: $10 - $11 for a bowl of ramen (much better than paying a premium at Ippudo). In addition, everything served at Totto is MSG free. However, like any other small ramen shops, this place accepts cash only and only seats approximately 20 people. It is recommended to bring a small party, otherwise you'd be waiting forever!
Overall: 4.5/5

Minca Ramen Factory

536 E 5th St
New York, NY 10009

Minca is another ramen gem in NYC. The restaurant is not as fancy as Ippudo, but it accurately portrays the small and quaint old ramen establishments in the alleys of Japan. In my opinion, I think Minca is in between Ippudo and Totto Ramen - the broth is thick and creamy like Ippudo, but not as oily. I also like how the place is small and unpretentious: when a place is not decorated, you know it's about the food and only the food.
While the soup was thick and flavorful - it does get kind of heavy after awhile. The soup, especially with the noodles, was way too hearty for me. However, if you like your broth creamy and rich - this is the place for you! The two pieces of pork were delicious, and the best part of the meal. The pork literally melts in your mouth. We ordered the #2 Minca Sio Ramen (with pork & chicken broth, salt & roast garlic flavor and thin noodles) and #3 Basic Ramen (with pork broth, salt & roast garlic flavor, and thin noodles). The noodles were okay for my taste, but my eating partner thought it could be a little softer. The plus side to their ramen is that everything is MSG free.
We also ordered the pork gyoza. It was good and authentic - no sauce needed! This place is cash only; and can be a bit far from the subway station. Overall, a reasonably priced and good ramen shop, but not my favorite.
Overall: 3.5/5

Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis the Season for HOMEMADE Food!

Jennifer and William's cozy apartment :)
One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is the food. Last week, my cousin generously invited the family over to her place for a small foodie gathering. Needless to say, the meal was delicious!! I thought it would be too much of a waste if I didn't share it with all of you. Enjoy!
Arugula Salad (w/ apples, marcona almonds, currants, and lemon vinaigrette): I was beyond ecastic when I saw this dish! I'll be honest, working and going to school in NYC has not allowed me to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The greens paired with the apples, currants, and lemon vinaigrette was refreshing and added a bit of tangy + sweetness to the overall salad. The lemon vinaigrette was so fresh and light, and it suited the Arugula Salad perfectly. Not to mention, the marcona almonds added an extra 'crunch' to the dish.
Leek Bread Pudding: Oh my. So good. I could eat this forever! This is definitely what I call comfort food or "I-deserve-to-eat-this-because-it-is-exam-week-and-I-deserve-to-be-treated" food : ) I've never made leek bread pudding before, but I'm pretty sure butter was involved in the making of this dish. The bread pudding tasted very rich, but wasn't overwhelming.
Orange Braised Fennel: Another delicious and seasonal dish. Slightly sweet and zesty - a great dish to start off with.
Brussels Sprouts (with bacon and parmesan): I've never had brussels sprouts with bacon and parmesan, but it turned out to be a great treat! I didn't feel guilty about eating those bacon bits and parmesan cheese...I mean, they're mixed with brussels sprouts! Brussels sprouts = veggies = healthy! It might be the bacon or cheese, but surprisingly I didn't taste the bitterness that I usually taste in brussels sprouts that night. Score!
Crown Roast of Pork (with herb and garlic rub): YUM. The meat was so juicy and tender - it was beyond words! The roast pork was flavorful and the herb and garlic rub really topped it off nicely. The dish tasted as good as it looked. We also had the pork with red pickles - a first for me!
Strawberry Cake (with cream cheese frosting): Artificial strawberry cake with homemade cream cheese frosting and strawberry jam. The cake was mini-sized, and oh-so-cute! It tasted really good, too! The cream cheese frosting paired nicely with the jam and strawberry cake.
Matcha Cake from Lady M: Once again, Lady M hit it right on the spot! The cake was very nice and airy - not too sweet or rich in flavor! The perfect way to end the night :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Doughnut Plant

 379 Grand St
New York, NY 10002

Yum!! Doughnut Plant (along with Mister Donut in Asia) are now listed as my favorite doughnut stores. This place is incredible, where else can you get a doughnut that is 2X the size of a regular doughnut? It's too bad that the place is a grab-and-go kind of deal, otherwise I'd sit there and munch on the sweets all day!

Although serving doughnuts all day can be a pretty rough job, the person who works at Doughnut Plant is very cheerful and friendly! While the name says Doughnut "Plant", it really isn't a plant at all..more like a Doughnut Hole...with limited space and wiggle room. There's not a whole lot of selections when it comes to the number of doughnut flavors available, but the ones they make are certainly unique and must I add, delicious! We ended up taking out a whole box home:

Creme Brulee doughnut: Smaller than your regular donut, but not disappointing in taste. The filling inside is not too sweet, and very satisfying!

Coconut Cream: Simply fantastic - with light coconut cream on the inside and coconut shavings glazed on top. Oh, the indulgence!

Blackout: Chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate filling inside. Pretty standard. Nothing much to rave about this one!

Jelly Doughnut: Square doughnut with a jelly center - the raspberry jelly is great. The jelly is sweet and tangy all at the same time. Yum!

Fresh Blueberry: No blueberry fillings on the inside; just on the top! A regular sized/shaped doughnut :D

White Peach Doughnut: My very first *peach* squared doughnut. Similar to the fresh blueberry, but a little bit sweeter in taste. Not bad!
Overall, I would say that the coconut cream doughnut is by far the best doughnut flavor out of all the flavors I tried (so far). We also ordered a small cup of coffee and chai tea. Both were "bleh". I wouldn't recommend the hot chai tea - it was way too sweet. The sweetness did not pair well with the donuts...sweet + sweet = headache!!

Overall: 4.5/5

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cafe Landmark HK

Cafe Landmark
Level 1, The Landmark,
16 Des Voeux Road Central,
Central, HK
Located right inside a mall, Cafe Landmark is a restaurant that is hard to miss. Smacked in the middle between luxurious stores such as Dior, Gucci, and the Harvey Nichols department store, the open environment of the restaurant makes it a great place to take a break (possibly from shopping) and enjoy some good food. A few of their signature dishes include: beef carpaccio, lobster linguine, and their fresh crab meat au gratin. I would highly recommend their lobster linguine, the chewy linguine mixed with a light but savory and creamy white sauce will definitely be the highlight of your Cafe Landmark experience. In addition, each plate comes with a half baked lobster - perfect for those who are big seafood eaters. Their crab meat salad and cesar salad w/ salmon and a pouched egg are also good appetizers that are light and delicious to the taste buds. Another dish that I would recommend for foie gras lovers would be their spaghetti with foie gras. Slightly heavy with the meat and foie gras, but worth a one-time try.

Cafe Landmark's signature afternoon tea is also a must-try. Personally, I prefer their afternoon tea set over the ones served at the Peninsula Hotel, but then again, that highly depends on personal preference. The mall can get pretty crowded (and noisy) which is a con when dining here. I wouldn't say this is a restaurant for HK locals though, more so for tourists.

Overall: 3.5/5

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Small Eats @ Sevva

Prince's Building 25th floor
10 Charter Road, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2537-1388
Patio view from Sevva
Just take a look at the wide selections of cake!! What is there not to love? I'll admit, I came here particularly for the Marie Antoinette Cake (notice the resemblance of the cotton candy vs Antoinette's hair). The cake is dressed with colorful macaroons and shiny metallic colored candy balls. The cake is a pistachio sponge cake with fresh fruits layered in the middle. There's three sizes to all of their cakes: Darling Size, Standard Size, and WOW Size. We ordered the darling size and between just two people, we finished almost 3/4 of the cake (!) and we took the rest home. Maybe it's the heat and amount of cake SEVVA had to make that day, but I definitely felt like the cake tasted better after being refrigerated overnight. On a side note, I only had two bites of the cotton candy - it was way too sweet and messy. The colored candy balls were also pretty for decoration, but a PAIN to eat!! They were too hard to chew and takes forever to melt in your mouth. Taste: 3.5/5
The staff at Sevva also suggested their well-known "Crunch Cake" -- which is somewhere between a sponge and an angel food cake, with chunks of caramelized meringue on the top.

The 360 view is beautiful and I would even consider sitting at the terrace during the Fall/Spring for a different view/feel. There's a restaurant in SEVVA too, but I heard it wasn't worth the money.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dim Sum..Disney Style!?

Crystal Lotus
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel,
(Hong Kong Disneyland)
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
(852) 3510-6000

I knew I had to pay Crystal Lotus a visit when I heard about their famous Disney styled Dim Sum located inside the gorgeous and elegant Victorian Disneyland Hotel. The first thing you'll notice infront of the Crystal Lotus restaurant is a computer-animated pond, where electronic fishies dart out of the way as you walk across the floor (pond). What a great touch! Only available for lunch on the weekends and public holidays, the restaurant offers Dim Sum unlike any other HK restaurants, dim sum dishes inspired by Disney characters! The mix of modern and traditional Chinese decor makes the restaurant appealing to both the young and the old. Embellished by lotus flower chandeliers, crystals, high wooden chairs and decorative fixtures on every dining table makes dining at Crystal Lotus a truly regal experience.

Disney Dim Sum:

Mickey's Seafood Glutinous Pancake
What's Disney Dim Sum without the iconic Mickey Mouse head? The Seafood Pancakes served with hot sauce is adorable to look at, but unfortunately, not so much to eat. The pancakes were a little bit on the hard side: my guess being that the pancakes were probably put in the mold longer for a more defined Mickey shape. Nevertheless, they are oh-so-cute!

Mickey’s Double-layer Turnip and Taro Pudding
Yet another signature dish is the double-layer turnip and taro pudding..also Mickey shaped! These were surprisingly delicious. The combination of turnip and taro made a winning team - the taro kicked up the flavor and softened the spongy turnip..it's difficult to solely eat taro and turnip separately now. They belong together, like husband and wife.
Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun
Next in line is the storybook classic: "The Three Little Pigs", and you could probably guess what was inside the pigs...yes, bbq pork! So clever, right? I've never had this much trouble eating my pork buns, they were just too cute to be devoured! The taste of the pork was very standard, both juicy and tasty.

Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable
It isn't all Disney without some Disney Pixar action! When our next dish came, everyone went, "Ooooooh~" Yup, they are the little green aliens from Toy Story! Inside the little green men were..well, green vegetables! These vegetable buns were great to look at, but even better to eat! However, I wished they had more veggies in the buns because it seemed like most of it was dough.


“Chicken Little” Steamed Lotus Seed Puree Bun
So cute. SO PRECIOUS! When these came in, I knew these steamed buns in the basket represented "labor of love". The intricately detailed eyes, eyebrows, beaks, and up to chicken little's spectacles were all carefully made and styled by the chefs at Crystal Lotus. It is all love I tell you....Love♥! I had tons of fun dissecting each part of chicken little, which were all made of flour. Inside the bun, was lotus seed paste mixed with egg...perfect for the mooncake season!

Non-Disney Dishes:

Steamed Vegetable Dumpling
After the intial "Disney dishes" we still had an appetite for more food, so we turned to the traditional menu and ordered a few non-Disney dishes. The first order was the vegetable dumpling. For the non-Chinese, this dish may look rather scary at first glance. Shouldn't veggie dumplings be either white or green? Not in Disney! These unusual vegetable dumplings are made out of gold colored dough - to represent the color and shape of the old currency in China! However, despite its cool design, I didn't like the taste of the dumpling skin as it was too sleek and shiny for me.

WonTon and Fish Maw in Clear Soup
A traditional Cantonese soup, the clear soup was very light and tasty, and also great for the skin. Being Asian, it's always nice to have some warm soup after a big meal.


Glutinous Ball with Creamy Custard
This is the BEST dessert, ever! I've never had glutinous ball in the form of a liu sha bao before, but it is one of Crystal Lotus's signature dishes. With sugared peanut powder sprinkled on the outside of the warm, glutinous ball, once bitten, the creamy custard comes gushing out like warm lava. Very, very satisfying. A must try.

Steamed Asian Pear with Honey
My mom actually made me this dish a few months back (when I was coughing nonstop). Pears are considered very healthy and excelled for fevers, cough, and stomach ulcers. Sweet almonds w/ honey are supposed to lubricate the intestines and temper coughs and asthma. This is a yummy and healthy dessert; and is another one of Crystal Lotus's signature dishes.

Disney isn't lying when they say they're the "happiest place on earth" - the staff here are impeccable with their service and not to mention happy all. the. time! As cheesy as it may sound, it felt great to be in a place surrounded by warmth and happiness. Crystal Lotus is a great place to dine with friends, family and your significant other. Trust me, this is not a place where you nor your camera would want to miss!

Overall: 3/5

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Café Gray

Café Gray Deluxe
L49 The Upper House Pacific Place,
88 Queensway, Admiralty
(852) 3968-1106

This entry is dedicated to my dear cousin, Jennifer Lee, who used to work as a chef at the renowned Café Gray in New York City. Situated on the 49th floor of the Upper House in Admiralty is Café Gray Deluxe, an eatery with chic decor, gorgeous view, and delicious food. Chef Gray Kunz launched this second incarnation of Café Gray in Asia...this time in Hong Kong!
The restaurant has a central dining room and an elongated open kitchen on the left, and a beautiful bar with a stunning view of the Hong Kong skyline located on the right. While being seated, I noticed that the table arrangement was kind of tight, which was slightly distracting because I could hear our neighbors' conversations. However, I had to remind myself that I was in Asia - space is limited! While we chose our courses for the night, we were given complimentary sour dough with bread dip made of yogurt and drizzled with olive oil. Interesting combo, but the yogurt didn't provide much taste. Next, we had our soup: Crab Bisque and crabmeat vinaigrette and Chicken Soup with foie gras. The crab bisque was rich and slightly sweet - which I liked. The crab meat on the side was also a nice refreshing addition. On the other hand, the chicken soup w/ foie gras was a little too bland and light...it had no "wow factor" to it. Even the floating foie gras didn't do it for me :-/

Onto our main course: I had the sliced Baby Lamb while my companion had Cafe Gray's House Special Steak. While many upscale restaurants are known to give teeny tiny portions, this was not true in our case because oh my god were the servings huge!!! The steak was good enough for two people and the lamb was piled up on the plate like a mini hill. This brings me to my next topic: food presentation. I thought the presentation of our food could've been plated better. I understand that there's only so much you can do with a slab of meat, but the slices of lamb could've been put together better rather than looking like it was "thrown" in the middle of the plate. We were satisfied with the taste of our dishes, though. The lamb was very tender and wasn't gamey, and the steak had a burst of flavors to it - exotic! Would recommend both dishes.
The dessert was standard in taste. I especially liked the sorbet with berries and champagne. I'm a big sucker when it comes to unique decorations and/or interesting combinations. My chocolate molton cake topped with caramel ice-cream was very "normal" - but I'm glad the cake was soft, chewy, and moist. It's always a let-down when chocolate cake is served dry and crumbly. Lastly, complimentary chocolates were served at the end of the meal. I only had enough stomach for one piece of chocolate as I was too full after the meal. *Note: the chocolate chunks are great substitutes for sugar (in coffee) :)

Overall, I had a great time at Café Gray Deluxe. Is it comparable to NY version? I highly doubt it..the service and "eliteness" are not quite there yet but we have to keep in mind that this establishment is geared more towards "casual fine dining". Wearing jeans is OK as long as you have a nice top to go with it.

Overall: 3.5/5

Friday, August 27, 2010

Small Eats @ Kwan Kee

Kwan Kee
Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion,
263 Queen's Road West
(Kwai Heung Street), Sai Wan

Welcome to another HK series of Small Eats! After craving for some authentic Cantonese experience and Clay Pot Rice, I was excited to search for a piece of "real deal HK". Today, I'll be introducing an established small shop that is secretly tucked around the corner of Kwai Heung Street. The long lines and amount of chatters infront of Kwan Kee already shows the popularity of this establishment of 16 years. Even before 7pm, every table inside the restaurant is filled. While that will most likely happen, there's around five-seven extra tables situated outside of the restaurant (for those who are lucky!). Now, we are not talking about nice seatings and clean tables. Dining etiquette is unnecessary here! Similar to Taiwan's night market and Hong Kong's Temple Street, the shop is mainly focused on good and cheap food (without the frills of nice seats, ambiance, and a/c). The staff here is pretty local, which means they don't speak any English. Since dinner hours are especially busy, it is recommended that you know exactly what you want before you call the server over.

Their signature dish is their Clay Pot Rice, and is available everyday after 6pm. The toppings come with a choice of ingredients such as lean pork sausage, eel, pork rib, salty fish, duck and chicken. We chose to try the lean pork sausage but unfortunately, was accidentally given the chicken instead :( The chicken was tasty too, but I have a feeling the sausages might be tastier. The Clay Pot Rice is added with toppings and recooked on the coal stove until all the juices from the ingredients seep and blend into the flavor of the rice. Taste: 3.5/5

Another notable dish is their Steamed Fish sprinkled with black beans, scallions, and spices. So delicious looking that two other tables next to ours wanted to know the name of the dish! The meat of the fish is very tender and juicy; and although it looks very salty from the sauce, it wasn't salty at all! Taste: 4/5

We also asked for their Cold Steamed Chicken, which seems to be so popular that it was sold out! I would recommend going to Kwan Kee thirty minutes before their opening time (6:00 pm) just so you can sit inside the shop and be able to try all their signature dishes before they run out. Your wouldn't want to miss out on this very inexpensive and authentic Cantonese shop!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spanish Restaurant in HK: Fofo

Fofo by el Willy (Hong Kong)
20/F M88, 2-8 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2900-2009

Fofo by el Willy isn't your typical Spanish restaurant especially with its all-white decor and figures of pigs, birds, and penguins as restaurant decorations. If one takes a closer look at the animals, one will also notice that they are all exceptionally "chubby", which also represents the name of the restaurant, as well as the Spanish word, fofo! I loved their dazzling white interior, which was a good change from HK's hustling scene. Prior to coming, I had diligently and thoroughly done my foodie research; and had already prepped by epicurious tastebuds for an orgasmic meal. To start off, everyone was presented with a slice of complimentary bruschetta. Not my favorite bruschetta in the world, the mashed up tomatoes made the base of the bread too soggy in my opinion. Andy and I each ordered a glass of sangria: he had white and I had my usual red - for how can we call it a "Spanish" meal without sangria?! Oh, and before I go further, I just want to note that my experience at Fofo has led me to realize that it is better to stick to tapas rather than their full-blown entrees. A useful tip for myself and future newcomers!
Our first tapa, and one of Fofo's signature dishes, was the Scallop ceviche, avocado & crispy shallots. The creamy avocado hidden on the bottom of the scallop was such a bonus! The crispy shallots also helped bring out a saltier and stronger flavor between the scallop and avocado. Our next dish, Organic leaves sauté in raspberry vinegar, was only ordered because of guilt (and health consciousness). The word organic and leaves provided me with enough evidence that it's a healthy choice, given that everything else I ordered were either high in cholesterol or "heart-attackable".
The veggie dish came with a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, cucumbers, and edible flowers. While Andy and I expected a cold salad, the dish was surprisingly cooked and warm! I couldn't really taste the raspberry vinegar, but that was probably a good thing because I wouldn't want the sauce to overpower the veggies.

Our next tapa, Balic style Salmon, Sour Cream & Black Truffle Honey is ranked #2 on my NOM list. As soon as the dish was placed on our table, the truffle smell filled the air. I swear I could practically taste the truffle with my nose! The sour cream did not play a huge role for this dish as only a small dab of it was used underneath each salmon hors d'oeuvres (to keep them in place). The Salmon and mint leaf, paired with the crostini and black truffle honey was heaven in my mouth. The sweet and salty combination made me drool...sexy!
Our third tapa, Seared foie gras, scallop, beetroot, kumquat & popcorn powder is currently holding its place in the #1 spot of my NOM list at Fofo thus far. The taste of this dish was orgasmic...I immediately perked up after my first bite. I loved how the chefs at Fofo were daring with their ingredients. Once again, I was in awe of the mix between sweet and salty...this time with kumquat jam and foie gras. Sprinkled on top were pieces of popcorn powder..how nicely done! I highly recommend this dish (along with the salmon tapa).

The well-known Crispy suckling pig was our fourth tapa dish and another Fofo signature dish. The juices from the meat gushed out at first bite. The top of the skin was a little too dry and crispy for me, but the tenderness of the meat saved me and this dish from total disappointment. I would still recommend it!
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